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If so many of the part have been fixed or replaced already there was no point to leave old timing parts. Mechanic who was taking care of the valves. Anyway he suggested to replace timing part. I didn’t let him do it. Picked up motorbike from his garage last august.

So now we took take care of the timing our selfs. Me and my good friend. It turns out that the most difficult thing to do is to take out timing cover on the front of the engine. It took a while to figure out how to do it. I’ve bought timing belt and tensioner. I haven’t bought one roll and this one was broken… I decided to order one from Honda dealer. It should be with me within next few days.

Right, now let’s go back to mechanic who was adjusting the valves (and fitted new one as was bended). He forgot to fit correctly one bolt in the timing… It was completely unscrewed. I can’t say how much I was pissed off. I wonder what would be his answer if I call him from Albania during next motorbike trip.

So again old Polish rule showed up – if you want to do something good – do it your self!

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